Why choose 鴻晟財富 index trading?

  • Track global economic trends
  • High leverage trading
  • Abundant market liquidity
  • Low trading margin requirements
  • Speculation, hedging portfolio investment
  • Both bull market and bear market are profit opportunities
  • Market fluctuations are active under the influence of political economy
  • Can carry out hedging transactions to control risks

鴻晟財富 Introduction to the Hang Seng Index

Products Chinese name Contract Margin/hand Handling fee/hand Overnight interest/lot
HSI Hang Seng Index 10 1,000 100 dollars 1

鴻晟財富 Hang Seng Index Contract Specifications

Products Stock index
product code HSI
Contract unit (per lot) 10
Minimum single transaction volume 0.1 lot
Maximum single transaction volume 100 lots
Margin 1000 USD/lot
Handling fee US$100/lot
Overnight interest 1 USD/lot
Trading time (Beijing time) Morning: 09:15-11:59
Afternoon: 13:00-16:29
Evening: 17:15-01:00
Settlement time (Beijing time) 04:00 AM
Forced liquidation line (1) Monday to Friday: net value/required margin ≤50%; (2) weekend or market closed: net value/required margin ≤100%.
Lock-up margin Lock-up margin: $500/hand to unlock: need to make up the margin of $1000/hand